Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy #@nd Birthday Gran!

Here we are, wishing we were with you on your Birthday! But since we aren't.....
Maddie wishes you were here to help her put the dishes away....
Grayson would give up his red chair during Wiggles for you if you were here...
Maddie would show you her new monkey bar tricks....
Greg would....actually Greg is, of course glad you aren't here, BUT wishes you a Happy birthday anyway! : )
Love you! Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Laila LOVES little balls. She carries them around ALL day...will not put them down. She has even learned to roll/crawl. It is so funny to see. If you've seen 'Return to Oz', she looks just like the wheeler's.

Grayson, Grayson, Grayson!

Grayson hasn't had many posts lately...

this one's all you, bud. : )

Laila Needs a Bath!

Our neighbor got a new puppy and so far Laila squeals with delight when she sees any kind of animal. She squeals quite a bit in this one....maybe not all with delight, either.

Labor Day Parade!

I am catching up with my posting today. Look for more posts in the short future!
This was Danville's annual Labor day parade. We look forward to it every year. The girls usually get enough candy to compete with their 'Switch' loot! This year, they rode/walked with their ice skating group.
We asked them when it was over if next year they would rather be in the parade or sit out and get candy.
Surprise! Maddie wanted to sit out and Livie wanted to ride. : )