Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ice Princess

Maddie has been going to skating lessons this year on Monday nights. We've had a few bumps on the noggin, but she is really doing good. This last session she moved up to Keeley's class (her favorite babysitter) so she was quite excited. They have a big show in the spring with costumes and performances...which will be the most exciting thing ever!

This week after practice Grandma took us out to 'La Potasina' to eat. Really yummy authentic Mexican restaurant. Of course Grandma comes equipped with a new and exciting 'treat' every time she knows she will see her grandchildren. This time it was a very cool 3-D book. Here they are trying it out together.
Can I just take a moment to say, I have the best grandma anyone could possibly have. She always makes us a priority, and will drop whatever she's doing to listen, play, or read. She's also very cool, and doesn't act her age. She is addicted to computer games, cranks her music up in her car (yes, you've been caught!), and surfs the web. More importantly she is a prayer warrior. I know she prays for all of her grand kids daily. What a great example!

Oh Happy Day!

As some of you know my husband Greg got too many traffic tickets in a year, and his license was suspended last September. It was suspended for four months, which is a problem for us since his occupation is 'truck driver'.

As of today, he is once again a licensed driver, and we are both quite excited about it. I am excited that I don't have to drive us everywhere, and he's excited to have his freedom back. He also apparently does not think I am the greatest driver...however, I have indeed managed to keep my license all this time, so I guess that speaks for itself! (hehehe)

Ladies, don't take for granted your husbands driving! Here is what I discovered:

  1. You can't finish doing your hair/make-up on the way.

  2. You can't read, look through the mail, or balance the check book.

  3. Forget that precious sleep time on long trips. He gets to do the sleeping now.

  4. No preparing for your Upwards practices/games on the way there.

  5. If you are both being stubborn about where to eat, you are indeed forced to make the ultimate decision.

  6. When the weather/roads are bad, you've got to suck it up, and do your best. (ok, different times on the way to Mom and Dad's we had to go through blinding sheets of rain, fog so thick you couldn't see, and a winter blizzard where the highways were 50% ice.) I do not advise traveling to Peoria. It's a death trap!

  7. Now you have to listen to the back seat driver.

  8. You cannot clean the car while traveling.

  9. You cannot Sudoku.

  10. You can't drop yourself off at the door at Walmart.

One PLUS is that you don't have to deal with the children while driving! Yeah!

Seriously though, Greg has been sensative to me about the situation, and tried to make it as easy as possible on me. I appreciate him so much. Those of you who know, please pray for his job situation, that he will get back to driving as soon as possible.

Monday, January 22, 2007


a: available or single?: isn't that the same thing? married
b: best friend: my Greggy
c: cake or pie: strawberry rhubarb pie
d: drink of choice: Diet Dr. Thunder (yes, Sam's choice)
f: favorite color: blue
g: gummy bears or gummy worms: worms
h: hometown: __Danville
i: indulgence: food...I 'live to eat, not eat to live!'
January or February:'s closer to spring
kids and names: Madelynne Mae
l: Life is incomplete without....: knowing Christ
m: marraige date: December 21, 2001
n: number of siblings: 6
o: oranges or apples: apples, mostly because they are cheaper than oranges
p: phobias or fears: snakes, being kidnapped
q: favorite quote:
r: reasons to smile: Maddie crossing her eyes at me (she started this at 24 months! that's a smart kid, there)
s: season: summer !
t: tag three or four people: Johanna, Christen,
u: unknown fact about me: I used to like N'sync
v: vegetables you don't like: cooked carrots
w: worst habbit: leaving the kitchen cabinet doors open
x: Hey, there's no x!
y: favorite food: texas roadhouse...yummy ribeyes
z: zodiac: Leo

Sunday, January 21, 2007

My First Post (!)

Ok, I'm officially a blogger! (Gretchen, are you beaming with pride?) Well, I officially have a blog, anyway. Sadly, the only family picture I could find was our Christmas picture from last year. We'll have to work on that!
Part of the reason it has taken me so long to join the growing trend of bloggers, is that I can't think of a good blog title. If you have any suggestions, please post them!