Sunday, April 13, 2008

Greg and the Clothesline Post

The few warm days we've had Greg has spent alot of time trying to dig up two clothesline posts in our backyard. They've been there like, a hundred years. He soon found out they were stuck in about 3+ feet of concrete. After digging them out he had to break up some of the concrete with a sledge hammer, then eventually pull it out with the Chevy.

Finally...success...and a DEEP hole in the ground.
This is the funny part. I look out the window and he's hammering the concrete. I then yell at him to put on some safety glasses before he loses an eye. I then look out and he has on his scuba gear.(couldn't find his safety glasses) He said they worked pretty good, but it was kind of hard to breathe.

Ice Skating Program

Keeley is Maddie's skating instructor as well as OUR #1 babysitter. She also totally reminds me of Rory off of Gilmore girls. We will be very sad when she leaves for school next year. : (

Can't you just see them 10 years from now...

Our 'Wicked' Trip

Greg, Maddie, Aunt Dara, and I got to go to Chicago a couple weeks ago. Our main reason for going: to see the Broadway hit, Wicked which aunt Dara had already seen with her theater class and LOVED. It was SO good, and sadly it is ending in Chicago in April. We would definitely go again if we could!

We got there that afternoon, went to the Sears Tower...very expensive, not really worth it to me but Maddie was hyped about it. We also visited the American Girl store, Hershey's, and ate at Cheesecake Factory. Yum.

We walked pretty much everywhere we went (except for one very frightening cab ride) and talked about how the Chicago natives look like they are...well, from Chicago. By the way...the McDonald's don't put out ketchup, napkins, or salt and pepper (you have to ask for them)....AND refills cost 75 cents! Anyway...Dara got accepted at Moody, so she will soon be living in the midst of it all starting next fall. Yes....we are a little scared. : )

Sears Tower Trivia: not really home to anything Sears
Yes, I made her pose that way
This is a natural shot
like kids in a candy store