Friday, January 25, 2008

100 Day Celebration!

Maddie had been waiting for this day all school year. The 100th day of school! The Kindergartner's did '100' projects for 2 days leading up to it.
They had to bring a freezer bag with 100 items of some sort in them. Most kids did cereal, marshmallows, etc. Maddie brought cards.
On the big day the parents got to come and watch them have a parade around the whole school. Their cereal necklace' guessed it....have 100 fruit loops exactly. Very cute.
Also the day after they watched 101 Dalmations. Kindergartners have all the fun.

Bryce the Artist

I have not got an 'artsy' bone in my body. I am not creative. I can draw a stick person, however Maddie does a far better job than me.
My brother Bryce is a senior this year at Illini Bluffs in Glasford, IL. He has been taking pottery for a couple years now, and I am always SO impressed when he shows me what he makes...I just had to post it.
These pictures do not do them justice, so click on the pictures to enlarge.

This one is actually a cookie jar, or whatever...basically the roof is a lid!

That is Bryce on the right. Other than pottery his latest passion is guitar hero. He started playing around Christmas and is now on the expert level. Very impressive
Seriously Bryce, if you tried as hard at school you would be valedictorian too. ;) love ya.

Christmas pictures and such

ok, these were not necessarily on Christmas...but were more than likely taken sometime in December... :) whose child is this?

Whats all the fuss about?
Even on Christmas Laila can't behave

Is it time to open presents!?
Livie, Samantha, Maddie and.....Felicity!

listening to a story before bed