Thursday, February 28, 2008

Miscellaneous Fun

Maddie dresses up

Chad thinks he can pull the look off better

Yet another picture in our bear suits

Grayson tries on Granny's bi-focals...his eyes gave been crossed

ever since.

7am: Laila's had a hard day already...she kicks back for a nap

Finally...the tooth fairy can visit

Maddie informed me she had a loose tooth recently...let me preface this by saying, she has 'cried tooth' before. She SO desperately wants to start losing them. I finally felt for myself on Sunday and *surprise* it actually was decently loose. Well being my child, she couldn't leave it alone, so by Monday when I picked her up from school, she had wiggled it out of there!

Greg was out the night the tooth fairy came. He asked me the next day and i told him she had left Maddie $2. I knew he was going to tell me the tooth fairy was cheap...which he did being the over-indulger that he is.

Here's the thing... you have to start out small. Otherwise when they lose their molars they're going to expect a twenty!

I figured up with my parents having 7 kids, and giving an average of $3 a tooth...thats about $500! Kind of crazy.

So what is the going rate...?