Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Friends and Fam

Laila and Grayson say...Thanks for all the visits from everyone, near and far!

Bright the same's a miracle!
*note: yellow and white blanket made by Grandma Cooper*
Maddie Mae making a 'general store' complete with price tags! She has been doing alot of entertaining herself while mom and dad are busy with brother and sister.
The Dr. said to put them in the window on a sunny day...I rather think they enjoyed sun bathing. You'll probably find them at Florida Tan soon. :)
Too much skin on skin, Laila started sucking of Grayson's head! (He retaliated later while she was sleeping, however) I did feed them right before...
How cute! If Maddie had a favorite it would probably be Laila...the whole girl thing. However she told me yesterday that she looks like the guy that says "my precious..." -aka Gollem, off of Lord of the Rings! Hilarious!

Little man
Maddie...kind of looking like Gollem herself!
We got them all dressed in one of their matching outfits, but couldn't get Laila to stay awake. Still precious!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Many thanks!

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for praying and for all the well-wishes! And thanks Manda for posting for was so fun to come home and look at all the pictures without having to do anything!

Babies are doing really well...they are a little jaundice, so we are supplementing them with pedialyte... and they go back to the Dr. Monday. Apparently their chances for getting it were high because of the combination of their blood type, and mine.

Other than being pretty exhausted, I am recovering SO quickly from surgery! Alot speedier than with Maddie Mae. I know it is the Lord giving me strength and an extra boost. For all whose kids have been praying for us, please tell them that the Lord has answered prayers already because Miss Mandy is feeling great! ( Julie, please tell Logan that the babies are being good too! )

I plan to post again when we get pictures downloaded, but am definitely not having alot of freetime, so it will probably be short and sweet!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Jungle Animals

*Note: I had this post ready except for one picture last week, but didn't get to posting it before the hospital stay, so here it is now*

Yeah! We were able to get the nursery decorated and furnished before the arrival of it's new occupants. Here's a few pics.

Aunt Manda got the ride on animals for us. So CUTE! Thanks aunt Manda!

Jerry and Mary Martin passed this crib down to us. It is really nice quality, and we're thinking it looks like baby boy's crib. Kind of masculine-ish. : ) Thanks Jerry and Mary for holding it for us for so long until we had a place to put it!
This one is actually a Pottery Barn crib. I LOVE Pottery Barn, but cannot afford much other than the catalogue. Amanda called me a couple weeks ago and saw there was going to be one at a rummage sale the next day. Greg looked up the address of the sale online and called the people, asking if we could please possibly get a preview sale...? They were super nice, and let us come out that evening. We got it for $50 bucks!

We had not saved many baby items from Maddie, but have gotten alot of 'seconds' from ALOT of people! Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Can you guess what this is?

Is it a pumpkin cookie?

Is it a candle?

No, it's a huge, stretched tightly as possible tummy holding TWO wiggling babies!

Greg really wanted to paint my belly because its so large and round. It's really shaped more like a watermelon, but clearly pumpkins are more in season. :)

(Maddie showing her pick of the patch)

Babies are scheduled to arrive Oct. 15, at noon, if not sooner! Thanks to everyone for praying. We feel blessed to have gotten this far along (38 weeks on birthday). From the beginning of this pregnancy my primary concern was that the babies be able to come from the hospital with me, and it looks like that will probably happen. Thank you Lord!