Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sunday, December 16, 2007

School Christmas Program

Thursday night was Maddie's first school program at Danville High School. It was really well done, with a few songs in Spanish, a really cute 'big band' sounding song and they even did 'We Three Kings'. Pretty good for a public school!

Of course Livie Loo came and showed her support.: )

Laila thought it was a good time for a nap.
Grayson however enjoyed it greatly. He danced and talked to Grandma B during the whole program. Grandma brought over Monicals for us that night and helped me get the kids there. Couldn't have done it without her!

1,2, tie your shoe!

Maddie has been on the brink of being able to tie her shoe for a few months now. In fact, if I hadn't been so busy with the twins, she would probably have had it down before now, but as of last Monday she's an official shoe tier! Yeah Maddie!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

My Sweet Mama

" Where'd that funny woman go?"
"Which one?"
"You know..the one that always had a diet pepsi in her hand..."
"I don't know, but the house was alot cleaner when she was around."
"She always picked me up when I was screamin."
"Yeah, or you could just spit up, or poop your pants and she'd get ya too."
"I don't think daddy liked her very much."

"Yeah he does..he just calls her the wicked witch of the west to be funny."

"What's funny?"

"Funny?'s like this...."

"Mommy's trying to do the what I do"


"if you say so: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

Mom and Rae were here for two weeks after Greg went back to work. I don't know what I would have done without that extra two weeks to catch up on sleep and continue recovering.

It was like having a live-in nanny/housekeeper. You could also add entertainer to the resume. As you will see in the pictures below. : )

Thanks mom for always being positive, for advising but not being a know-it-all, for being encouraging, and for being my best-est friend ( after Greggy, of course). Love you.

Making a dummy in the hospital bed has become a tradition. When Maddie was born, the day we got released we packed up our stuff and mom made a head out of a blown up latex glove, drew a face on it, and stuffed the bed to look like a person. So when we left, house cleaning had a little surprise waiting for them!

This time she used the witch mask Greg got for her as a joke.

Can you tell which one is real? : )

What was funny was when she bundled it up and put it in the crib facing the wall. Then when the nurse came in, mom asked her to check on Grayson. The nurse didn't have the same sense of humor.