Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Daddy-Daughter Date Night

Greg took several very short clips of Maddie dancing. I must say this one is quite tame compared to some. He claims no one asked if she was in the special classes. I was surprised. =)
Seriously though, there is something very precious about the little 'princesses' getting dressed up and going out with their daddy's.


Anonymous said...

hahaha maddie is too cute!! look at her dance moves!! omgosh, those twins are irrisistable!! i love them!! -siob

Manda said...

C'mon...let's see the other video's!!! :) Maddie and Greg look so much alike in the picture! That's a really good one of both of them!

megan said...

Love the dancing. We want to see more ! How about one of Greg "gettin' down" ?