Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Laila's Weakness

We were going down the cereal aisle at Walmart the other day and Laila started shrieking. It's getting quite easy to figure out what they are saying. She had spotted Reese Puffs (which we had bought ONE other time and shared with the babies)
Indeed-when there are Reese Puffs in the house...she won't eat any other cereal. I have to take her to the cereal cabinet and SHOW her when they are gone.


Anonymous said...

hahahhaha!!! awww!!! she must LOVE those reese cereal!! hahaha how funny and how cute!! And too cute you have to SHOW her when they are gone lol I want to hold your babies, Mandy!!! LOVE YOU!!-sioby :)

Manda said...

Ok, I can so hear her excited little way of communicating how much she would have wanted that! It makes me laugh picturing her in the Walmart isle!

Gretchen said...

That cracks me up she likes those so much! HAHA! Maybe I need to try some. I think they're on sale this week, and I have a coupon . . . tell Laila she can come visit me if you guys run out. ;)

Johanna said...

Smart little cookie, that girl! She know's what's good.

Don't ever let her have a real Reese's. She'll never be able to stop.